The Dressing Room

Yea, that is what you can call me, or this. A dressing room…it sounds weird but before you judge let me explain. I imagine that just about anyone who shops, has to try clothes on right?

Some places have amazing dressing rooms, while others are cramped and corny but  each one holds the same purpose. It is a place where you are comfortable to expose yourself to 4 objective walls or mirrors or both. It is a place where you can expose your flaws, truths, complexities and insecurities.

 That is what I am…that is what this is. Consider this your dressing room. A place where you can expose yourself in a contained and accepting space, while getting the best on sex, life and love.

This is not a blog that praises perfection nor does it choose sides. This is a blog that is attracted to the human experience. You will read the journeys of the people I interact with and hopefully add some of your own…..So are you ready? Are you prepared? and Can you handle TheLove&SexIssue?

NaiOnLife…Join the movement.


3 thoughts on “The Dressing Room

  1. I am so glad that someone is finally willing to discuss sex issues in a clean and theraputic manner. I often wonder, why are some parents so hung up about talking to their children about sex? Nai, do you have any professional advice to share?

  2. Some parents are uncomfortable about talking about sex because they are not educated about it. Many parents depending on the generation they’re from did not receive an informational sex talk nor did they decide to educate themselves on it. Sex for many people is an awkwardly intimate topic to talk about and some people just don’t want to do it. Reasons vary, I would say parents should educate themselves on up to date information on it, so that they have more confidence when talking about these issues.

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