“A Good Man”

All to often have I heard women, men, and everyone in between talk about wanting a good man. I laugh, chuckle even, to myself thinking….and what does that even mean? This is not because I don’t think good men exist, but I do think they are indeed an endangered species that is underrated among us human beings.

I’ve heard people say a good man is “Take-charge and rough around the edges, some say they are wealthy and “well endowed” (I hate that phrase), and some even think that a body builder oozing with testosterone is the definition of a man…and to them….that is. However, I fail to believe that everyone thinks these descriptions are the biological basis of what a good man is.

I ponder to myself daily, why do women seem to think there are no good men in the world…I mean I know people with good men…I’ve met a few good men….I know people who know people who KNOW good men….but why does it seem like they don’t exist. I pondered…I pondered and thought hard about it….and decided that women don’t really want good men. Good men are boring, good men have no ump….good men have no spice, no swag…they’re just a little….dry. This is not necessarily how I feel every good man is but in many cases its true….how many of you ever heard a friend say, “I don’t want my man to be too nice…or too sweet…or all up on me.” If you listen closer…what they’re really saying is…”I don’t want my man to be too Good.”

In thinking about it more, its true. We all want the unattainable. Good men are attainable. They produce no drama, no chasing, no crazy ex’s, no mixed signals, they are true to themselves…not only as men but as human beings. Good men know they will mess up because they are human. However, unlike “Bad men” they don’t lie about it, they don’t manipulate you into thinking you are wrong, nor do they don’t argue a defenseless case. They admit it…apologize…send flowers…and seduce you with sweet kisses.

“Bad men”are exciting! They fight back, they make you chase them, they go from making you feel like the only girl in the world….to every girl in the world. But it’s exciting and we love it..us women LOVE challenges…we love thinking that we can tame the feistiest beast…or soothe the loudest lion..it doesn’t happen. And then after we get beat, bitten, and trampled by them and the other women looking for them…we look for …Good men. So guys it’s not that good guys FINISH last…it’s just that Bad guys get picked FIRST.

So what do you think? Do us girls not know what we want…or do we just figure it out too late?

P.S Check out Raphael’s video, it depicts a good man.

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5 thoughts on ““A Good Man”

  1. i love your blog, this is so true!! no women wants a guy that is perfect its all about challanges and as harder it is it makes it more desirable! keep on im your fan!

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