A Tribute to My Essence Magazine Ladies

As you guys may or may not know I just graduated college!!! Woop Woop! *Dances happy dance* but anyway!

Over my four years I got the chance to meet a group of extraordinary black women. They are absolutely the definition of God’s vision of what women are supposed to be. They are intelligent beyond words, sweeter than strawberries, and cooler than slightly melted ice cream. As I have embarked on my journey I have had the esteemed privilege of meeting women who had goals, struggles, positive energy and overall amazing personalities. We have had our fair share of talks about men, women, school, money, men and natural hair. I have grown to not only love them but be inspired by their “feminine mystique”. It would take me all day to call out these women by name but I will. To My loves Johanna, Johnna, Christina, Monique, Ashley, Kelleyah, Ryann, Aja, Aisha and Abena :)….all of you will in fact be missed by me for sure! You all have added something very special to not just my college years…but my life.

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To my babys….Diamond, Simone,  Imani, Demi and Rasheena words cannot express just how much I love you guys!

Diamond, I have NEVER met anyone as dynamic as you are. You know who you are, you stick to your guns, your passion for success oozes through you and in turn you inspires everyone around you to be great. I love how you have the ability to light up a room and a mood with your presence….your beauty shines and radiates. You are a lovely human being and I have NO doubt in mind you will reach all of your goals!

Simone….Hunny! Your confidence is outstanding!!! You are a woman by definition! You are silly, elegant, intelligent, and you have this appreciation and thirst for life I’ve never seen in anyone else. You have rubbed off on me and I see such a bright future for you.

Imani, my son, You are such a great person, paste free. You will be marveled over because of  how well you expose the truth! You have definitely added much-needed joy and insight into my life and I know it will not be the end!

Demi, You are the definition of a free spirit and I love that about you!! You inspire me to be so care free and in love with life. You enjoy it, you embrace it and yet in still keep a great balance of  all of your obligations. I look up to you for that. Your beautiful inside and out, and you never follow the crowd! I won’t miss you because I WILL see you!

Last but not least, Rasheena. You have been my partner in crime ever since I started college and I don’t think I would have made it without you. You have become one of my most dearest friends and I love you for it! I won’t say too much because it’s all in the card I wrote you…but just so everyone knows YOU are just flat-out amazing!!!

To all of you guys! I love you so much and I wish you the absolute best. To my essence magazine ladies…Have an amazing life!


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