“….I just did”

So I don’t know who else has ever heard this line but I know I have and it absolutely infuriates me. You know that line that your Ex, or potential uses when they have done something that straddles the line downright disrespectful. No idea what I mean?..let me give you an example;

You and your potential have this unspoken rule about whether or not your allowed to talk to other people. Let’s assume that rule was HELL NO! you can’t talk to other people I just met your whole family.  Then you find out that he/she has not only been talking to other people but been out on dates!  You confront them and they say…the infamous line…the line that puts everyone in a frustrating passive aggressive, “M*****F*** I will kill you type of mood”…


(Then here comes that face ) 

Here is why that line infuriates me….first and foremost its ignorant. Anyone, anywhere, doing anything has the right to get mad at WHATSOEVER they choose.  You are allowed to feel how you want about anything because those are your feelings and no one can dictate to you how to filter your emotions. 

In a situation such as the one above, when two people are dating whether they be close to getting in a relationship or not. You are allowed to feel however you want because you have now began weaving them into your life. You can get mad because once you have allowed someone into your life their actions, whether we like it or not can have an effect on us.  

In playing the devils advocate, I think what they really mean is, you can’t take those emotions out on me…..and they’re right. You can’t! You can get mad about it, cry about it, express your dismay with it and even complain about it…but you can’t use things like that against them because at the end of the day you have no obligation to each other. In all reality, you can not be upset if he does what he wants because frankly you never said he couldn’t. Whether you are recently broken up or just about to get together, that is not enough to get anyone to pledge allegiance to you. 

So yes, unfortunately, they are right….You can’t use their actions against them…but the next time they say “You can’t get mad” just tell them….”I just did!” 

Tell me what you think?

NaiOnLife….Join The Movement


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