Just Us Two?….Why?

Ahhh yes, one of my fav, sexual topics….Threesomes! No one and I repeat NO ONE is exempt from talking about this subject because whether you’ve done one or not, like the idea or not…everyone indeed has at least thought about it. Sex is a beautiful thing experienced between two people…three people….four or more people, but could you handle being with more than one person at a give time?

Imagine watching you partner please someone else while that person pleases you. You can’t see it? Let’s visualize. Say you’re a man who has a gf, and she surprises you with a woman you both find intriguing to say the least. They tag team everything from intercourse…to oral sex so that you are stimulated…EVERYWHERE..AND at all times. 


  Ladies, imagine your man surprises you with..a woman or man, whatever your poison…and they are completely devoted to working together to make you scream….who could refuse such a deal? But let’s face it threesomes if done incorrectly have the potential to make things unnecessarily complicated.  If you want to do a threesome with your bf/gf, you guys better already be cool and trust each other. People in unhealthy relationships, I’m not talking to you because this is not something you should be trying to make work if the relationship is already sour. However, to those in healthy relationships,  you must set some guidelines and openly communicate the terms of this experiment. I know it sounds like you’re sucking all the fun out this spontaneous and still taboo idea but if you want this to go well, you at least need to communicate your feelings and such on this. Here is what some people said about it and their rules for a threesome with their partner (courtesy of the amazing Naionlife twitter followers).

 “No rules in my threebies” – @WrittenbyEury

“It would be me and another girl shawty can’t touch me though” – @PluralisticX

“I am self-fish sexually, you getting yours is one thing, but watching your mate get theirs is different” -@Chasefranco

“It would have to be with either a guy/ girl or all girls, everyone has to be STD free and we all have to be sober” – @Giinaboomarie

For a threesome, the only rule I would have is that I choose the female. After that anything goes!!!!! -@InfinitWordz

” I don’t see anything wrong with them, i just couldn’t have one with someone i love!” – @Lovelivelife15

Now if you are not willing to have a threesome with your mate, I’m more than positive you can find a few who will  be happy to oblige. According to “The Real Savoy” this is how you make a threesome happen (For straight guys, gay girls);

1) You meet two women who already know each other and it leads to a threesome

2) You meet two women independently of each other and bring them together for a threesome

3) You and one woman meet another woman for a threesome

4) A woman picks up another girl for you or suggests a threesome with her friend

However, whether you decide to do it with a boo or an acquaintance you still need some authentic communication. You also have to be secure enough in yourself to sit and watch your boo be pleased by someone else. Know that if you’re in love and you completely trust your man/woman you have nothing to worry about. If you see a threesome for what it is, it should not cause that much stress. Some see it as a great way to get their sex life popping again or keep things fun.  Look at that third-party as a sex toy. You only use them to add to the pleasure you too already experience, if you can see them as such and leave the rest at the door, it should run smoothly.  For some people threesomes are a regular thing, for others it’s a 5 year anniversary gift, whatever you choose just make sure your comfortable with your decision

Personally, my rules would be that I would pick the girl, I would have to see some paperwork (as in make sure she’s STD free),  and if it happened more than it would never be the same person. However, I can definitely see it from others point of views. Sex is a very special thing to be shared, especially with someone you love, so I understand people wanting to keep it sacred and exclusive….but if your about 42 and been married for 20 years… and things are a little stale you might want to give it a shot 🙂 

Moral: Just like all things if you can not handle it, don’t force it upon yourself. Some people are just not into certain things, so don’t make anyone feel like they have to do anything, especially sexually. You have to know your own limits. Whether you choose such or not don’t be afraid to keep it real with yourself and your partner.

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