“The Trey Songz Generation”

Marsha Ambrosius has a new video (see below) that absolutely floored me! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not the biggest fan of sex songs. I have a few that I really dig but for the most part I think they’re unoriginal, redundant, and promote sex a little too much to some adolescents/adults who just may not be ready to embark on such a thing. Many artists specifically Trey Songz have gained a lot of success from playing off the fantasies and desires of women, I can’t knock his hustle but he along with other artists have given birth to what I’ve coined as the “Trey Songz Generation”.

Young men and women all over are just enthralled about the amazing-ness sex has to offer them. For young girls it ranges from feeling like a “real” woman. Feeling beautiful, desired, and loved by the man of her dreams. For young men its soaring their young “oats (sperm)” into the “baddest” girls they can find. These sex songs make these young adults think that sex is like this, and more specifically, like this all the time. Now that’s not entirely bad because sometimes it will be but NOT always and not at such young age. I don’t know anybody under 17 who  ever admited to having the best sex of their life, if that was you *raises glass* that’s awesome but also rare.


My girl Marsha, however has made love to both concepts of sex and reality, and birthed a new baby, “Late Nights and Early Mornings”. This video did an AWESOME job of feeding society’s “Sex addiction” on a very sobering plate!

I am not against people having sex and men talking about pleasing women. I just think the new generations are getting very unrealistic notions about sex. If I just saw how Trey Songz and Kelly Rowland took their lovers down in that video and how sexy and seductive they looked. After imagining how good it must have felt, I could care less about the commercial with the girl deciding whether to get tested for HIV or not right after that. Trust and believe I was not motivated (haha) to get tested, I was motivated to have sex. 

So I leave this to you guys…Do you agree that we have a such a generation?

                                                                                       NaiOnLife…Join The Movement


4 thoughts on ““The Trey Songz Generation”

  1. GREAT post Nai! Marsha is not an artist she is an ARTISTE! That video was amazing. So smooth and so ooooo mmm no words. I love how the two scenarios played out, love it. She is just awesome. Might I add she looked fab in that red skirt and printed shirt.

  2. Oh yes and to answer your question I do believe that some people completely forget about safety when it comes to sex and it definitely takes two to tango. Some people rely on “pulling out” as a reliable form of contraception but they completely ignore the fact that they can still contract STDs/STIs. I know some women who blame the man on not pulling out early enough but its like no why was that even an option in the first place. Take responsibility for your actions in these situations and be smart about it

    1. I totally agree. There comes a time when you have to simply be responsible for your actions no matter they are and take the necessary precautions. Thanks for the support hunny!

  3. This generation need a major reality check system to impressed on them to show the cause and effect wen it comes to sex n relationships.

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