“5 Things Every Woman Should Have”

At a certain age (that age being late teens early twenties for us), there are  at least 5 things every women should have. Now because I am an early 20 something young woman  and not a 30 something young woman (with money to spare) know that we do not have money like that. However, It is I! your trusty relationship, sex therapist & life coach to keep it REAL (and) Practical. So the number one thing a woman needs is….

1) A sexy lingerie set.

Whether it’s for your boo or just for you having lingerie is essential in feeling like a real woman. No one can deny how sexy and confident you feel in the right bra and panties. Whether someone see’s it or not, it makes you feel like such a vixen. You can even add your own flair..I prefer old hollywood glam or vintage…but there is nothing wrong with 70’s chic or mod. Just make sure it’s all you!

2) A good male friend, A best friend, A gay male friend

Every woman needs a good male friend, a good girlfriend and a good gay friend. I know, I know, I cheated because that’s like 3 in 1 but still. A good male friend is just nice to have, when you need someone (testosterone) around to make you feel safe and secure call him, he will be there! I don’t promote crossing any lines but if it happens it happens. A good girlfriend is a given, they are good  for almost everything…and if you’re one of those women who don’t hang with girls or even if you LOVE having girlfriends…all you really need is ONE good one. Finally, this should be a given, but a gay male friend is essential like a pair of studs…they just add spark to your life.

 3) A Vibrator

So since I promote this masturbation revolution for women, It is a must for every woman to have one of these. Not particularly this brand, because they are pretty expensive but from what I’ve seen and heard they are THE BEST. However, I believe any vib that’s strong and waterproof will suffice.

*Tip* To test the power of a vibrator, put a ring on and vibrate your finger…if the ring spins, you’re good money! 

4) Red lipstick

Need I say more…Just do it. It’s sexy especially with all black or white outfit. I usually reserve red lipstick for fall/winter but do what you please…it’s your life.

5) A Song That Makes you Feel Sexy

OMG! So I can’t even begin to explain how important this is. I just recently found the song that makes me feel like I am just the hottest thing in the room and I can listen to it over and over again. I feel like he’s talking about me and I love it. This is an instant confidence booster….so either find it or let it find you.


One thought on ““5 Things Every Woman Should Have”

  1. I think these things are ESSENTIAL! I love that you noted that you are “20-something” with no money to spare because that is alot of your demographic, including myself. These are EASY to attain and become pleasured by! 😉 LOVE the post!

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