“The Feminine Equivalent to a Masculine Art”

Female ejaculation! Is this taboo? Good! I want to talk to about it then. I refer to this as the feminine equivalent to the masculine art of cumming but most people just call it “Squirting”. From what I’ve seen women react to this topic very differently, some find it utterly disgusting, some think its the coolest thing since waterproof vibrators, and others could care less, an orgasm is an orgasm. However, the controversy surrounding this is if it’s even possible for every woman to do it? The answer in theory is yes.

Squirting happens when the female prostate gland is stimulated thus producing a high volume of clear and odorless fluid. So because it is assumed that all women have a prostate gland, then yes, all women can ejaculate. Has every woman had her prostate stimulated to the point of ejaculation? No. Disclaimer: Do not watch porn as a reference to see what squirting is…It RARELY EVER happens that way. It does not shoot across the room and switch the light on, it is usually pretty subtle for the woman, but a small surprise for her partner.

I want to debunk the myth that women who squirt have better or more intense orgasms than women who don’t. Now, women who have never squirted and do it for the first time, may indeed say yes it was amazing. However, it could have just been the shock value of it all. So basically, it depends on the woman. However, it has been said and noted by a real sex therapist my homey, Dr.Laino, that just because a woman squirts does not mean her orgasm is more intense.

In conclusion, I would not lose any sleep over trying to squirt. If you want to, sure try your hardest, but I know for a fact it happens when you LEAST expect it to. For more information on this topic check out this article:



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