So back in the day, I used to be quite the writer…poet to be exact. I was never really sure if it was because I was in my adolescent “angry for no reason” stage and just used writing as a way to express the intensity of hormones or if I did it because I actually loved it. It was the latter. Either way these two videos have become two of my many favorite def poetry poems. Both are very cute and playful ways of looking at relationships. I remember I used to watch them and get butterflies thinking of my crush of the month and how things would happen if I actually had enough courage to talk to them, never did. And then one day….. I fell in love and these two poems began to really speak a serious truth. I hope you enjoy them! 

Shanelle Gabriel – “Why I Love You”

(The fact that she is from Brooklyn has nothing to do with my liking this post)

Shihan – “This Type Love”

(This poem gets me every time, *raises hand, stomps feet to testify* )

“Falling in love is great and when you’ve truly found the right one, you get to do it each day, over, and over and over again.” – @NaiOnlife


One thought on ““AN ODE TO DEF POETRY”

  1. i am so speechless both of those poems touched my soul & i can’t wait to have that kind of love even tho I have that love for myself lol but thanks for sharing! it truly keeps me believing that love still exists & I know God will bless me with it soon enough when I am ready to receive it! 🙂

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