“Are You A Buyer or A Seller?”

                                                                                                                      After thinking really hard about what dating advice I could expel to all my twitter followers and blog subscribers, I wondered exactly what could I tell you guys that you don’t already know. My final conclusion was nothing. I could not think of anything new to tell you guys because whatever I say you’ve most likely heard from others on “how to get your man or woman”. However, my main focus and spin on the typical dating and sex advice is to start with YOU, so that you can be your best self with others or for yourself. Who you are and what you can offer someone is essential in attracting the type of person you want. I’ve concluded that singles who are actively dating are set into two categories, “buyers”, “sellers”, and depending on who we’re trying to attract we are either, one, the other, and more often than not we are ALWAYS both. Confused? let me explain.

A buyer is someone who seeks. They are the type of people who are pro-active in their search for whatever or whoever they want. Some “buyers” seek the beautiful and unique, some seek the overrated and popular, and others seek the functional. Buyers are the “go getters”, they search and pounce on whatever it is they want. In the real dating world we call them assertive, aggressive, and usually a bit arrogant; because let’s face it, buyers know that there is always a better deal to be gotten somewhere, and they don’t mind doing the work for it.

A seller is someone who….SELLS. They do everything in their power to make sure their “product (them)” is up to par with no room for imperfections. They make sure they are upstaging the competition and convincing the buyer that “you may think you can find something better but best believe, I AM IT”. Some sellers, just like buyers, sell different things. Some sell sex, some sell class and beauty,  and some sell intelligence and independence. Sellers market themselves to specific buyers. They want to be “chosen” or at least marveled over by buyers that match their creed and nothing less than such. 

I know what you’re thinking, men are buyers, women are sellers (Fix accordingly for the LGBT). WRONG! Buyers and sellers can be anyone, clearly. Some men sell, flashing their cars, jewelry, life goals and some women seek looking for the “diamond in the rough”, but my question to is which one are you? and once you find out how is that going to change your approach to dating?

It is a given that we are all both “buyers” and “sellers” because life allows us to play every role at one point or another but what are you most of the time?  If you can’t find a category for yourself, just pick which ever category you can see yourself boxed in. Knowing where you stand, can do nothing but increase chance! If you think you’d be a great buyer you must act the part. Be confident, assertive, and you must know what you want! You can not be a buyer, if you have no idea what you want. Sellers have to be very in tune with themselves because you’re not selling some unattainable celebrity demeanor, you are advertising yourself as person. Your personal style, personality, and your sense of humor all should reflect who you really are without flaw! That is how you find who is really interested in what you’re selling, when you are your authentic self! 

So I ask you all seriously….which one are you?



3 thoughts on ““Are You A Buyer or A Seller?”

  1. I am a seller n buyer.A Seller n attempting get a specfic type of girl which is one-fourth of the time.The other three-fourth is spent buying whatever I can purchase closest to my likings. I like the twist in this artical(thumbs up).

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