Interracial Integration: Does Love and Lust Know Color?



I have been trying to figure the best approach to take in terms of this interracial dating post. I’ve been trying to find a way to slide into this topic while ruffling feathers and getting people riled up….and there is only one thing I could think of that had this effect on everyone I’ve mentioned it too!

Charleston High school is located in, you guessed it, Charleston, Mississippi. It is somehow infamously and famously known for having their first…interracial prom…(wait for it) in 2008! I gasped, in disbelief while I watched the documentary, “Prom Night In Mississippi”. I mean seriously??? What’s the address to the rock they’ve been living under??? I could not believe this! More intriguing than that was how the ONE interracial couple at this high school was dealing with this, blunt separation between their worlds. Their families and some peers really did not understand why they wanted to be together, it seems that they had nothing common…hmmmm….

 I began to think, wait….interracial dating is still taboo? And immediately answered myself , “yes!” and not just in Charleston, Mississippi. I did not realize just how controversial dating outside not only your race but ethnicity was until  I saw the Beyoncé and Jay-z of interracial couples. The woman was tall, black and slender with a very fresh tan making her golden brown. She reminded me of Eva Marcille only, darker but just as fly. He was a tall white man in his early 30’s with a grey streak in the front of his all black hair and granny glasses, white tea shirt and jeans! I stared because they were a “tumblr-esque” couple, but others HAWKED because they proceeded to hold hands in an almost all black area of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Black men seemed the most intrigued, others could care less….it was fascinating to watch. 

As a black woman dating a white man you will never be a queen unless you are with a king (a black man) and then automatically put into that category of black women who “look like, act like, or seem like” they would be with a white man. You have officially given up on black men if you decide to date a white man. Sadly, this is not even just in relation to skin color but ethnicity. I know Jamaican’s who would NEVER date Haitians, I know Puerto Ricans who would NEVER date Dominicans, and some Italians who would NEVER date …anyone who wasn’t Italian. 

As much as we say American is a “Melting Pot”, we seem to only like cooking in one thing in the pot at a time. Carrots stay with carrots, rice with rice, and peas with peas but everyone knows you don’t start getting some flavor until you mix stuff up! Now I’m not saying we need to abandon our “types” or “ideal images” but we do need to challenge ourselves and really let go of our prejudices and stereotypes about what we THINK a relationship with a certain race or ethnicity is going to be like. There are horrible people in EVERY RACE, EVERY ETHNICITY, EVERY GENDER, EVERY SEXUALITY… EVERY WHERE!

We should consider ourselves lucky that things are not as hard as it used to be to date whoever you want, without question and persecution. Even if it doesn’t work out at least you got to learn something about how other people do things, or cross off an ethnicity on your “Top 5 ethnicities I want to have sex with before I die” list….we all have one 😉 

I have asked everyone I know if they would ever date outside their race and most people answer yes, and then I wonder if that yes is genuine. I know that people would but do they consider it a fun experiment like the girl on girl action you blame on college or could you imagine your future husband or wife being a different race? It seems to be the former. Most people would date outside my race but are not as enthused about marrying outside their race (?_?). 

Whatever your poison, White, Black, Hispanic or Asian, we are all entitled to search and seek what we like. As I believe I am a part of a generation of movers, changers and thinkers, we have an obligation to push out the old ideas of sex, race, and love. We have the power to create and change the world. We have the best of both worlds at our finger tips, the ambition of the old and the spirit of the young, we can change the way people think because they have just started listening us! It’s not about black and white it’s about love….and a little lust on the way.

By the way, I spoke to them (love and lust)  a little while ago and they told me they know no color 🙂

Check out the article on the film, “Prom Night In Mississippi”.

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One thought on “Interracial Integration: Does Love and Lust Know Color?

  1. I am open to the idea of dating outside my norm. It really all depends on the person values n belief system. It still kinda touchy who is the circle of friends. I also agree should do “Top 5 ethnic groups b4 I die” list. I am doing mines rite now.

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