“Homophobic Men Are Gay!”

Sooooo…..Homophobic men are gay. Yup, That’s right I said it! It’s true they are. I try to stray away from using the terms “all” or “most” because nothing goes for everybody but…. for the most part it’s true. From the moment I witnessed homophobic behavior and  heard of men violently taking out their displeasure of  another person’s sexual identity so personally, I knew something was up. I think I started thinking of this more in high school, when I heard and semi-witnessed a horrible crime. 

A young man from Brooklyn, we’ll call him Justin, found himself chatting with another man by way of an internet chat room or dating site, I can’t remember. Anyways, the two agreed to meet up and unfortunately that was the last time “Justin” would be alive. The guy Justin was meeting up with ploted to lure gay men for dates online and kill them. A few of Justin’s body parts were found in a black plastic bag in the Nostrand avenue train station, the stop I got off at EVERYDAY. As I walked out the station one day, I saw the caution tape, and later on, I heard the story. It was disturbingly tragic, and ever since then I’ve been on this rampage against all gay-bashers for their ignorance. This story also lead me to believe that if someone would go to such lengths to show their distaste over SOMEONE else’s sexual identity, it must be because they’re, in lack of a better word, a hater. They MUST be jealous, nothing else would explain it!

There is indeed a difference between a homophobic man and a man who just disagrees with the “lifestyle.” Any man who feels anxiously uncomfortable around a gay man MUST be afraid that any little gesture will either give away that he, himself is gay or that he is interested in that man. If you can not stand the sight of or be in the presence of a gay person, it must mean you think you can be “turned gay,” and if so that means you lack confidence in your own sexuality, which is OKAY! but not at the expense of being an asshole to your LGBT counterparts. 

If you don’t believe me, let me show you the proof, that my hypothesis is indeed correct. The Psychology department at the University of Georgia, Athens conducted a study that surveyed a group of men on their attitudes toward homosexuality. Based on their test scores the men were then split into two groups, homophobic and non homophobic. The men were shown three 4-minute videos of straight sex, lesbian sex and gay sex. Each man also had a device attached to their penis’ to measure arousal during the videos. Both groups were aroused by lesbian and straight sex, but only the homophobic group was aroused gay male sex. When asked if the gay sex video aroused them, they reported no, but the device proved otherwise. 

This study was done just a few years ago but Sigmund Freud, as crazy as he was, explained behavior of this nature years ago! He explained that people who have really hateful and negative attitudes toward things, secretly crave it. So I wondered, does my absolute disgust of weed, mean I actually I want to try it….hmmmm…maybe….I can’t dispute Freud’s claim, it makes a lot of sense. 

I digress, to say that if you yourself are a man completely repulsed by the presence, sight, or thought gay men. If you feel so strongly about it that you feel the need to “take it into your own hands”, or feel absolute hate for all gay men/women….let me help you walk out the closet.

Final Thoughts: To all the homophobs….

Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!  http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-big-questions/201106/homophobic-men-most-aroused-gay-male-porn

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