Is Dancing Cheating?

I say no, but in following my homey Aristotle, the “Right Rule” must be applied here. I have talked about this with several people and majority says “It depends”. I agree, I believe it depends on who it’s with, and more importantly how you’re dancing? I’ll give you two examples and you can decide which is more appropriate. Your bf/gf dancing with their ex to “Ride” by Ciara or Your bf/gf dancing with your bff to the ” Electric slide”. Don’t worry…I’ll wait…… 

Now to get deeper. I am the type of girl who is not pressed over things like going to the club with my bf. We can go to the club together or separately, we can dance with other people if we choose, but I expect that we will remain cognizant of boundaries. Whether I am present or not I expect my bf to remain respectful of me  and our relationship. I put the responsibility of not taking it too far in my partner’s hands over anyone else. A woman in the club who see’s me hugged up or dancing with my tall caramel Frap (my bf) could care less about me. If I make no qualms about him dancing, any Jezebel can grind, pop, drop, and rock it on him…if HE allows it. It is not up to me to tell her “Don’t do that!” or “Respect my relationship!” Nope I wouldn’t dare! Frankly, I’m not in a relationship with her so even though she may be trying to “steal my man,” if he can be stolen, he was never mines to have. I would expect him to have my back against trashy bity’s. The convo should go something like this

Boyfriend: “My girl is right there and I will not disrespect her by allowing you to drop it like it’s hot and like you’re my girl”

Trashy Bity: “Whateva she ain’t even all that” (They be lying)

Boyfriend: *walks away* At least she twerks it with no hands!” (Ok so maybe that was too much, but you get my drift lol) 

My publicist Diamond or twitter may know her as ChaseFranco, brings up a great point in saying, “We don’t dance like how they used to back in the day, everyone is bumping and grinding.” She makes a good point but not everyone dances like that when they go out. Frankly , if I’m in a relationship and see a guy picking girls up and humping them like they do at Q-dog frat parties, I’m steering CLEAR of him and guys like him, vice versa for the dudes. 

The idea of being at the club with your boo may even be too far-fetched, so let’s back track a little bit. You’re at the club with your friends but you’re in a relationship….Do you dance or not? Is it your partner’s call whether you’re allowed to? Do you dance with friends until they leave you for the “singles club experience”? 

This can seriously get confusing but remember that communication is key and once in a relationship these are things you should be discussing. Insert topic in a fun game of “scenarios” it will really get you two thinking about this. Everyone’s jealousy level is different so please respect and compromise with your partner’s wishes, it will make for a better relationship.

By the way…the only girl who’s allowed to dance with my boyfriend to this song is me and any other sexually suggestive songs like this one below…there is always a catch (wink) Enjoy!  


2 thoughts on “Is Dancing Cheating?

  1. it all depends are rules of the relationship, the level of trust and honesty. those the requirement i feel that answer the question to this particular discussion.

  2. I think it’s personally ok to go to the club and have a good time. DANCE! However, that’s all you should be doing. No neck grabbin’, thigh rubbin’, blowin’ kisses. That is seducing, aka, getting ready to cheat. Honesty and trust are both very important. Intention is also key. Don’t go to the club knowing that your relationship is on the rocks. That just gives you reason to do the things you shouldn’t. No phone numbers either. That is not your new “friend.”

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