Do You Want To Kick It In The Backseat?

It has been brought to my attention that not many people like to talk about, learn about, or even think about anal sex. Yes, I know. You are already imagining scenes from “OZ” and other classic prison movies, but it’s not like that…well for most people. Anal sex is not limited to something that only sex hungry men in prison do or the stereotypical lady gaga, lip gloss wearing, “boom kat kat” gays. Anal sex is in fact just another way people express themselves to their partners in a sexual way just like we do with vibrators, warming lube and hickeys.  

If you are like me, any time you hear anal sex you tune out because your mind flashes back to a rape scene in a BET prison movie and you immediately think nope..not for me! However, I challenge you to hear me out before you tune me out. I am not promoting anal sex to anyone who does not feel called to try such a thing, but I am saying to at least be cognizant of the myths and facts about it!

  • Myth: If a man likes anal sex he is gay. 

Fact- That could not be further from the truth, A man who likes to receive anal sex is not gay, he has just experienced the pleasure of his g-spot being spot stimulated. Yes, ladies I know what you’re thinking, but just hear me out. Imagine someone telling you you’re a whore because you like your g-spot stimulated. It doesn’t make any sense! 

  • Myth: If a man wants to have anal sex with you, he’s gay. 

Fact: ummm wrong! If a man wants to perform anal sex on you, that does not mean he is gay either. He just wants to try something new, and different can you fault him for that? (I’m sure you all said yes)

  • Myth: You can get pregnant from anal sex.
Fact: No you can not! Sperm, if you are having unprotected sex, ends up in your rectum, which is separated from the vagina by a wall…so pregnancy is not possible but STD’s are! Wrap it up before you slap it up.
  • Myth: Women who like anal sex are freaks

Fact: Yup! But since when is that a bad thing…not in my book or on my blog! Freaks of all kind are welcomed! 

I think it’s above all most important that we are the understanding of our partner’s preferences. If you found the perfect mate and they had a sexual desire that you were not into would you make them feel bad about even sharing that with you? It’s very hard to share our dreams, fantasies and desires, so when it’s done you should be very understanding and compromising. In a perfect world the convo should go something like this….

Man: Baby, I know this is going to sound weird but I was reading Nai’s blog and she said my g-spot is in my a** and I want to try it. Can you stick your figure in my butt..(gently, with a lot of lube) while you’re giving me fellatio (this is a sophisticated couple)?

Woman: Hunny, honestly, I would love too but…butts kind of freak me out. I hope you understand 🙂 .

For all my freaks out there who want to give it a go, I say firstly! Make sure you do this with a little alcohol to relax you, A lot of lubrication, and always, always a condom! Slow and steady wins the race. If you live on the east coast but don’t consider yourself a freak…use Hurricane Irene as an excuse…We’ll understand. 

Peace and love 🙂

2 thoughts on “Do You Want To Kick It In The Backseat?

  1. Naiylah I love you!!!!!
    Not many people will address the issue of anal sex like this….real talk
    I’m not one for it but i try not to judge anyway on who is. not like i’ve met somebody who is though. =/
    totally besides the point. nice blog, love

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