The Feminine Mystique

She is elegant, classy, strong-willed, opinionated, sexy, driven, and sweet as pie. She oozes confidence and is in short beautiful. She loves being a woman and she’s passionate about all the things women go through…she exceeds the point of absolutely amazing. The pout in her lips, the muscle in her thigh, the curves in her belly, the intelligence of her smile. I’ve seen this woman many times, in fact I see this woman everyday. She is a friend of mine, in fact a friend of ours. She is the woman inside of all of us.

As fall approaches, all the fashionistas of the world are preparing for a killer wardrobe but I think we are all missing one thing, love of self. I have been wondering to myself over and over again why is this a man’s world??! Why are women always under scrutiny? Why are we always waiting to be chosen or loved? Why are we always competing and comparing ourselves to each other? Why are we constantly changing ourselves to meet the expectations of people who know nothing about what it means to be a woman?

This summer a compilation of things made my inner feminist surface because of the ignorant and pain staking truths expelled about us. My blood literally boiled at some of the comments and conversations I was exposed to. People said things like, “women are too emotional, women are bitter, women are too obsessed with how they look, women don’t know what they want, women are never satisfied”, the list goes on. I got so sick and tired of hearing about all the things women need to do to make our partners happier, to make people love us, to be thinner, to be cuter, to be beautiful, to be a woman! I was/am OVER IT.

At my favorite Brooklyn location, to get over all these, what I felt were personal attacks from the media on my self-esteem; I people watched. Women carelessly and effortlessly laughing, strolling, running, looking amazing! I felt proud, something I’ve never been proud of before. Us women have such beauty, such grace, such a way about ourselves that captivates and radiates about the world. Men and women a like are entranced by us. They love the way we smell, and how beautiful our hair looks. They love how we walk like we’re effortlessly balancing the world on the crowns of our heads, they love how our strong strides makes our thighs jiggle and breast shake, and how we speak like our voices are soothing a savage beast.

We do not take enough credit for how powerful we actually are in society. We have the world on a string. People bow to women, people adore women, people imitate women, people love women. We are by far one of the most complex things God has ever created. Eve even in the garden of Eden got us into a world of trouble with her feminine curiosity, and Adam disobeyed God to follow a woman. We have been causing chaos since we got here but our presence is essential. Whether we choose to give life or not, whether we are good mothers or not, we have the ability to give life. We give life through our words, we give life through our beauty, and we give life with our thoughts and hopes. Yes, we are emotional but a world without emotion is rash. Yes, we are complicated but a life without trouble is mundane. Yes, in some places we are still at the bottom of society but a skyscraper without a strong foundation will always fall. 

I decided to stop hating other women and embrace our beauty, grace and struggle. Usually when another woman looks at you, your immediate reaction is “what she looking at me for?”, Now I just smile. My smile says nothing more than, (Tupac voice) “You are appreciated”. I know that cultivating this type of love for all women will also cultivate more love for myself. So at a time where we feel like we need better clothes, longer hair, bigger butts, smaller waists, perfect skin….I say real women turn flaws into features. We are irresistible among society and the minute we realize that, we will officially have the world in our hands 🙂      

Happy Fall my loves 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Feminine Mystique

  1. LOVE IT! and i totally agree. Thats why when a women is truly a woman, in terms of knowing herself, she does DAMAGE. I’m on the journey to becoming a full complete grown ass woman and I’m loving every part of it.

  2. you have done it again! Na this was beautiful & i truly enjoyed reading it over and over again! we need to start making you internationally known because your words can and will one day move mountains! i think for the first time in a long time, you have made me realize why being a woman can be so powerful! This was moving & keep the posts coming because i’m enjoying them! #muah 🙂

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