Top 5 Sex Toys For Singles

Well some of you just may have read my random rant about how I feel about “cuffing season”. If you didn’t, I hate it. Anyways, It lead me to think about all my single people during these soon to be snowy sexy pillow hugging nights. You do not have to mop around the house sad that no one is there to watch a movie with you, in fact, if you play your cards right you could end up wrangling all the singles who did not get cuffed before winter, but that’s another blog for another day. Today we are talking about my confident singles who will throw on some sexy lingerie or boxers, pop some popcorn, watch a movie, read TheLove&SexIssue and in your spare time try some of these awesome finds.

For you guys I bring you the top 5 sex toys for singles or couples but we’re really not talking to them right now. Now keep in my mind as much I would love to show you the best of the best, it may in fact cost you the absolutely most. So instead I am going to show you some amazing and affordable toys, for men, women, gays, lesbians, everyone! So you ready…let’s get it! 

First up is the The Penis Sleeve! Yes guys! You are allowed to have sex toys for YOUR pleasure too! This is the less expensive version of the pocket vagina. It is reversible for added sensation.  Add the warming lubricant of your choice and it’s light out. 

Now if you have never used a vibrator before, this is a great one for first timers, it’s very soft, it has three speeds and it’s water proof! If you are new to penetration all together, I would steer clear, and use it for clitoral stimulation only because it’s a bit on the thick side but if you’re into it…put it into you (I know, I know too far).



 Don’t you wish they sold an orgasm in a box? Yeah, well guess what? They do! Him and hers orgasm in a box comes with a lot of fun stuff. I totally promote this for anyone who wants a lot of bang for their buck (no pun intended). 

The Pop Up Kama Sutra book. Okay so this isn’t exactly a toy but I can guarantee it will bring you tons of entertainment and great sex position ideas! 
New: 19.95 Old: 6.95  
Final Thoughts: Use lube, have fun, and enjoy pleasing yourself. You should never be embarrassed about doing something that bring you pleasure! So please enjoy that is future Dr. Nai’s orders !                                                    
 * All merchandise was courtesy of Toys In Babeland and Barnes and Nobles. Please check out their websites if you’re interested in purchasing any items* 

One thought on “Top 5 Sex Toys For Singles

  1. i love it Nai…lol i laughed through the entire thing lol…very educational and hilarious lol my favorite quote ‘but if you’re into it…put it into you ‘ i love how you just share so much & is so honest about everything!! *kisses!! ❤

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