The New Gentlemen

AG, acronym standing for aggressive/androgynous, is known in the lesbian world as the “aggressive female”. Society would say AG’s are the “man” in the relationship. AG’s are stereotypically seen as the female who assumes the identity of a man, by how they dress and how they act. Many AG’s would confess to you that they do not dress that way to get girls, although it does bring a lot of attention, they dress in an androgynous fashion simply because they just feel more comfortable that way. Those I have spoken with explained that they were always “tomboys” in their youth but still felt more like themselves when dressing in a boyish fashion. For many, it was not because they wanted to be men or because they felt they were in the wrong body. Despite the few out there who hate to even be referred to as female, some are very proud to call themselves women and still reap the upsets of female discrimination despite their appearance. Now more than ever it seems that AG’s are everywhere and leaving an impression on society and other women like never before.

If you have not been bamboozled at least once, as you catch a glimpse of guy with a fitted and diamond earrings, then to realize oh wait, he has boobs (-_-), I would love the address to the rock you live under. Since high school I noticed that the lesbian rate was skyrocketing, either that or my H.S (Fashion Industries) just decided to indulge in our 84% female population.  Girls were getting “turned out” left and right. Now in 2011, I can’t help but think that there has to be more to this, I know most girls are naturally “experimental” and it’s allowed. It’s another double standard in society, girls can be bi-sexual and guys can be hoe’s. It’s a pretty fair trade.

I am starting to think that AG’s are getting all the girls because well they know how to treat women. When I’m with my friends who are “girl guys”, (the term I prefer), they are very respectful and dare I say it gentlemen like. They hold doors, they walk on the side closest to the steet, they help you out with heavy lifting, they compliment your outfit or hair and this is JUST on a friendship level. I mean of course every group has a group of a-holes, but generally this is how it goes.

I’m starting to wonder if girls like the feeling of being wined and dined so much that they are willing to at least play for the another team, even if it’s not a permanent trade. For some females being with an AG is just a fun sexual experience but for those whose “hook up” turned into deep infatuation, it definitely becomes a confusingly romantic time. I always say you need at least two grand sexual experiences in life, one for the grand kids and one for the grave, and it seems that being gay for a day is on a lot of girl’s bucket list.

Now, I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me. I’m not saying that men aren’t gentlemen anymore, nor am I saying that if you want to be treated like a queen go gay. I’m simply saying that I think the gap of ineligible bachelor’s and the death of chivalry is being filled because the androgynous female is picking up the slack. I’m utterly convinced, the death of chivalry birthed of bi-sexuality.

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