My International Love Affair?

I met him at a bar. He was tall, okay maybe closer to average height 5’7-5’8 ish, he was dark, okay more like medium brown-skinned, and handsome…UNDERSTATMENT. He had long crinkly dreads pulled back into a low pony tail, and we all know how I feel about dreads! His British accent swept me away to our destination wedding in the mother country, my natural hair, our children “Raven” and “Storm”. He said, “I don’t mean to be too forward but you’re just so pretty! Do you have to leave me so soon?” I responded in a giggle, “yes, I’m sorry but you should come to New York, I’ll show you a good time”. “You’re showing me one right now”, he says, as he placed his hand on my thigh. “You okay?”, Steph asked. I just snapped out of my elaborately detailed and imaginary convo with the black bartender. “Yea, I’m okay”, I say. “He is just so cute! ”

I know! I know! you hate me right now! That was just getting so juicy! If I wasn’t such a punk, It would’ve totally happened that way, but it didn’t. However, I did in fact have a love affair in London. His name was London! I literally fell in love with it! Everything! The people (men), food, the city, the sights, everything. The men call you love, and gorgeous as if they knew you for years, chivalry is totally alive and kicking, and the Brits are absolutely gorgeous. I have never in my life been in a place where literally every 10.2 seconds I saw the father of my children! The men were just…I mean just…! and the interracial dating scene is on fire! Seriously, you see a Seal and Heidi Klum everywhere! It’s BEAUTIFUL!

I always called London my hometown before I’ve ever been there but now it is solidified. It reminds me so much of my own hometown and I really felt like I was having an Eat, Pray, Love  experience. I constantly thanked God for allowing to me to see his beautiful world, I ate some of the best food ever and I feel in absolute love in every crazy circus I fell into. This trip gave me the feeling that anything is possible more importantly…it gave me…

NaiOnLife…..Join The Movement

2 thoughts on “My International Love Affair?

  1. i like the article on london. As i was reading in the beginning, i thought was going to lose yur purity to “london boy”; so i thought so,lol. boy i was fooled. i thouht it was going to get details. i really like the wordplay and imagery u put in the article.

  2. i loved it Nai!!! omgosh that ‘ I have never in my life been in a place where literally every 10.2 seconds I saw the father of my children’ i loveeee it & i’m going to use it one day! i am so glad you had a beautiful & blessed which you well deserved! 🙂

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