“My Gift To You”

The holidays are here and boy do I have a treat…well gift for you. Some of the most eligible bachelor’s you can find dish about their views on women, love and relationships. Our first man is Mr. Jahlil Mathis. Jahlil is a model who aspires to be the next Tyson Beckford. With his deep chocolate complexion, standing at 6’1, he makes ladies with a sweet tooth swoon. Pushing to be on one of the future covers of GQ Magazine, this native Philadelphian ain’t your typical “bull” (I LOATHE that word -_- ). His insight and fascination with women is one that will have you wanting not to just his body but his mind. Check out the interview below. 

What is your definition of a “bad bitch” ?

My definition of a bad bitch is an independent women who is a 10 in looks, face, and body. She works, has her own things, and doesn’t need a man to pay for anything or drive her anywhere. She has a man because she wants one not because she needs one.

What do you love most about women? 

What I love most about women is their ability to give birth, to carry another human being inside their body for almost a year, share their food, know the baby’s feelings, how their body transforms and then changes back, is seriously fascinating. Without women there’d be no world and I love that the most about them.

How can a woman impress you?

When she’s a challenge. I myself am very used to getting what I want or getting my way with a women in a relationship, so when a woman challenges me, it impresses me. There’s nothing better than a strong women. I love it.

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What frustrates you the most about us? 

What frustrates me the most is the insecurity of women, they go off the mass media that men are dogs we all cheat e.t.c and thus most women being insecure in relationships because of that bias belief. Yes men cheat and do bad things but women do it just as much as we do. Were all human. So that insecurity is the worse of a woman to me.

When in a relationship, how do you make a girl feel special? 

In a relationship I make a women feel special babe being the gentlemen that I am, treating her like a queen. I send flowers to her work, leave letters on her car, cook breakfast in the morning things people only believe happen in movies when in reality its more simple and actually better than taking her out or buying her things because that’s materialistic, everyone likes a person who spoils them. But the things I do shows affection and feelings, which brings out the women’s feelings as well.

Do you think women are misunderstood or just crazy? 

Crazy lol just joking. No I believe women are misunderstood more than anything. a woman just needs to find that right man who understands that particular woman. It doesn’t matter if he’s a bad boy, good boy, rich or poor. If he understands you as a woman and who you are, then he’s the one for you. You guys are the brains of this world, without you guys we’d probably become extinct and not just because you give birth but because you’re the creatures that push men to be so great. Everything we do is to provide for our wives or families. We can’t make it without you guys. You’re the axis that makes this world go round. Women are just complex creatures, we just misunderstand you guys. Humans fear what they don’t know so we just call you crazy lol.

Nice save with that last Jahlil, the wolves would have descended if you went with that crazy option!

I hope you ladies have enjoyed part one of this series so far, trust me, there will be more to come. So if you’ve officially dropped out of cuffing season, redeem yourself with these cuties…consider it…my gift to you 😉 

To discuss this further with Jahlil or if you’re interested in getting to know him, follow him on twitter @JahlilMathis


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