“Her Name Is Tantra”

I have always believed sex to be a very sacred and very spiritual act between people. For some it is merely a physical exchange of lust, love, or hormonal release. Nevertheless, no matter what your viewpoint on sex there is no denying that communication and intimacy (spark, attraction or whatever you want to call it) is the most important component to having a mind-blowing experience. Tantra is a woman I met who completely agreed with my personal convictions about sex. Tantra in this context refers to that of trying to deepen one’s intimate relationships.

Tantra allows you and your partner to see each other completely stripped of clothes, inhibitions, insecurities, and sexual hangups. It’s like playing twister with naked while meditating, although you don’t always have to be wrapped up in impossible yoga positions. Not following? Well! then let’s play my favorite game, SCENARIO!

Scenario (For couples into penetration):

Imagine sitting with your partner, legs wrapped around each other’s waist, Your partners member would be inside of you but you guys would be completely still. Your hands would be around each other’s waist and you would be staring into each other’s eyes. As you look at them directly in the eyes,breathing deeply and slowing, think to yourself what you see in their eyes? Then say them to each other. After you start feeling the love, kiss each other’s lips, or neck very slowly. {End Scene}

That is pretty McSteamy, if you asked me. But anyways that was just ONE scenario possible, there are so many ways tantra is used, so many different positions you could do. Tantra is an awesome way to take regular and very routine like sex positions into overdrive. Sex, whether it is a one night stand or a ten-year marriage, intimacy is everything. Good communication leads to great intimacy and great intimacy leads to amazing sex. If you and your partner can not openly communicate about things, especially crucial things like your feelings for each other or your sexual desires, there is no way you can reach a higher level of intimacy.

Tantra almost forces you both to be vulnerable enough to say the things you wouldn’t say normally, or too embarrassed to say. It has been accredited to be the prompt of full body orgasms and taking your sex life to unmatched spiritual level. However, deciding to engage in tantric sex is like my life long decision to be a meatarian, it’s a personal choice, you have to commit to it! Not taking the issues in your sex life seriously ensures, things will never change. I understand that actually talking about sex like an adult is a difficult and awkward thing but it’s possible. Tantra calls for devotion and maturity and she rewards commitment. But I mean hey, if you can share some a carton of ice cream and a bottle of cheap liquor, that in itself could be considered intimacy. It all depends on YOUR relationship.

In hope of keeping my blog as Under 18 friendly as possible, I will refrain from posting the video I found which is AWESOME but you will just have to deal with the link to the cosmopolitan sex positions guide to Tantra. I hope you guys will open your mind to the amazing things your body is capable of….I’ve met a lot of women in my day, writers, poets, mothers, lovers and mistresses but I never met a woman like this one….she….has something special to teach the world. She has the ability to teach us passion, love, vulnerability, uninhibited sexuality and more….and her name…….is Tantra.


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