“They Just Don’t Make Love Songs Like This Anymore”

As a HOPEFUL romantic, I am not easily impressed by contemporary R&B, besides a few of my favs. Vintage R&B is my thing, it was just so pure, so romantic, untainted. What I like to believe real love is. I mean, Mary do we really have to talk about “Mr. Wrong” and Drake can you stop getting your heart-broken by strippers who are only using so, so I’ll know that, the brain inside your head is real? I am not going to rant but I mean real love songs no matter the state of your current status on facebook, makes you feel good, hopeful, and full of love. 

I love hearing how much people who make each other better genuinely love each other. I love hearing that one of the reasons people love each other is something other than, “well we been through a lot”. Pure love, real love, God’s love. That is what you search for, that is what you fight for, that is what you expect, and that is what you deliver. Songs like these bring me back to that place. I won’t ruin the songs with too many words but here just enjoy some tunes from the old days, even if it’s not your style, it WON’T KILL YOU to listen to them! 

Hope you enjoyed them 🙂 


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