“Food For Thought”

If you do nothing else in this life do these three things, be genuinely grateful, love yourself and others as God loves you, and rid yourself of bad company. I would also throw laugh in there but that would make it four and I try to keep it….well never mind you get it. Anyways, I want to specifically focus on the latter because as we are already a month into the new year, it’s hard for us to stay on the straight narrow road of accomplishing our goals. Those goals could be fitness, spiritual, career, or relationship related.  Whether we realize it or not a possible reason those goals aren’t being achieved is because of friendship circles. I’m not sure if we know this or not but the company you keep is crucial to success.

In our young vibrant 20’s, we tend to think that anyone who has done us a solid, brought us soup when we were sick, let us borrow a killer dress to rock at a party or share any common interest as us…like drinking have the potential to make great friends and lovers. However, we later find out just how mistaken we are. I met a girl my first year of college who I thought was going to be a good friend of mine. Eventually, in fact, rather quickly, I found out she was not AT ALL someone who would be in my corner. Actually, she tried to steal my boyfriend. Was I surprised? No, I wasn’t. I noticed she showed a greater interest in him than any friend should show your boyfriend, in fact I told my boyfriend that she liked him, from the beginning, but of course no one listened to me. He thought I was paranoid, but us ladies know when someone pays a little too much attention to their significant other. That situation turned into a world wind of drama, and why? Simply because I did not listen to the whisper that said you can not keep someone around you, and consider them anything, if they are right off the back being “pasty” (as my crew would say ! )

 My logic was “well, I know what she’s about, so she can’t play me”.

I kept thinking that as long as I didn’t invite her too much into my life, we could still be cool. This was obviously a mistake because she got my boyfriend’s number from my phone, used to text him telling him I was with other guys, and eventually it broke us up…along with several other things like him flirting with her behind my back -_- , (this was my affliction just in case you didn’t know).

The point is I ignored my “spidey senses” and let her stay in my life. I can only speak for myself in this but I know for a fact that I was just too passive with allowing bad company to stay around me. Getting rid of bad company is CRUCIAL to a productive life, because they will never be the ones cheering you on but the ones holding you back. My pastor always says, “Bad company corrupts morals”, but more specifically bad company ruins your life. There are people around you who pretend to be good company but if they give you a bad vibe, that’s not in vain, really listen to yourself before they show you who they really are. Before they even get the chance to prove you right get them away from you! Bad company can not only negatively affect your life but your psyche. I am a strong believer in, you are the company you keep, if you are around negative, manipulative, jealous-hearted people, you yourself can fall victim to that! You become a product of your environment….and I mean really, who wants to be that type of person.

Bad company, includes friends, family members, lovers, anyone who does not have your best interest at heart. Now I know what you’re thinking, how will I know who’s bad company and who’s not. Honestly, that’s not something that I can tell you. It comes out in different ways, but specifically in that situation I just paid close attention to her actions. However, typically, I’m an eye person if I can’t trust your eyes, I know you’re not someone I should be around, I think that’s the Native (Indian) in me.

After that situation, and now being affliction free, I have learned something very important;

In order to reach my destiny, I have to keep people who are not for me, FAR from me.

So many great blessings happened once I got rid of people who were against me. Bad energy is contagious, just like good energy is. I am blessed enough to have so many great people around me, who are doing great things for themselves and others. I try hard to keep a good circle of people around me but God forbid, someone changes, so will our relationship.

Whether your bad company is a friend, family member, or lover, please do your LIFE a favor and remove them. Simply say, you see the way the way life is set up, I need good people around me, not bad, you’re bad, so PINEAPPLES, I got to go. If you’re still not convinced, take a listen to what Taraji P. Henson said on Black Girls Rock, ” Surround yourself with people with your solution not your problem”. If that doesn’t speak to you I don’t know what will.

The year will be over as fast as a car crash, don’t waste another minute surrounded by people who are not for you. If you do nothing at all…please do this.



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