Yes, figuratively speaking, yes I did. My cause cherry has been popped. This year my number one goal was to find a cause worth fighting for and fight for it. I have been spreading the word to everyone down to my amazing hair dresser. I’ve watched videos about it before but this new one that has surfaced up, has really touched me. So what is it? 

The CAUSE : Invisible Children. Children forced into warfare by a man named of Joseph Kony. Kony is listed as one of the WORLD’S, yes the world’s, most dangerous criminals. Kony abducts children from their homes, kills some, takes some, and makes all kill for his “army”. He uses the little girls as sex slaves, and make the young men kill anyone and everyone, even their own family. 


WHAT YOU CAN DO? : As a blogger, reaching all of maybe 100 people who read my blog (Thanks Guys ! ), It is my duty to spread the word!  Whether 5 or 500 of you read this post, I don’t care!!! I just want YOU to know what is going on in this world ! Making people aware is the first step ! The next step is being touched, angered, saddened or motivated enough to do something about it ! 


I know when I say I want to change the world, people think I’m joking, but I mean it. I want something I have done to CHANGE someone’s life, even if it was only one person. Imagine by supporting this cause how many lives you can save ! I promise you guys, we can ALL change the world, If we had no greater purpose, we would not be here ! I encourage you all to watch and send this video to everyone you know, post it on facebook, donate to the cause, march on Washington, go to Africa and save a child ! WHATEVER you CAN do….JUST DO IT!!!!! 

I know this may be your first time, but you can do it just like me. I lost my (cause) virginity in Africa. Where did you lose yours?

The world is waiting on you! 



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