“Brazilians Gone Wild”

She was a pretty older woman from a country I probably couldn’t find on a map, with a very pleasant disposition. She was about 5’3 with a medium-sized figure. She told me to take off my underwear, and lay down. She came by the bed side “Open your legs” she told me as she slowly helped to position them exactly where she wanted them. I was suddenly very nervous. I couldn’t believe I was letting this strange woman do this to me. She stroked the upper region of my vagina and laid her hand there. I felt something really warm stroking the sides of my labia, and then the other side. I started breathing deeply and then…..it happened. She snatched all the hair off on the right side of my vagina!

That’s right guys, I got my she-ro, my hero, my partner in crime, completely waxed. I can’t believe I am doing this, is the only thing I could ask myself. She snatched and snatched and snatched until there was literally nothing left. My palms were sweating, my teeth were clenched, and my eyes were closed. All I could do was breathe like I was in labor, really fast. By the time it was almost over, I was really ready to go. I suggested a landing strip ( a small strip of hair down the labia) but she paid me no attention and kept going. Later, she asked if I wanted to leave a little hair, and I said yes, just wanting it to be over but I never looked down to see what it looked like.

She rubbed aloe vera all over me to clean up the wax and hydrate my skin, and told me I could get up and look at it, and let her know if it was okay. She left the room and I immediately popped up to see what all that pain was for. I looked in  the mirror in awe. “OMG! You are as smooth as eggs!!! (referencing Dave Chappelle’s, my balls are as smooth as eggs routine)”. I looked deeper and noticed I was bleeding, where the hair was ripped out, near my inner labia. I was pretty shocked and surprised, but shrugged it off due to my skins sensitive nature. She left just a small, very small amount of hair , due to that fact, which I was grateful for. I cleaned myself up, thanked her so much for being so gentle, after all it was my first time. Surprisingly, I left feeling like a new woman.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am actually an advocate for leaving some hair on your genitalia because it does aid in protecting you. It serves as a barrier to prevent irritation from skin to skin contact and its a good cushion for people who like rough sex. I am not a fan of shaving because it causes ingrown hairs, and let’s face it, that’s not something you want to have to explain to someone. They can be embarrassing and really hinder your sexual confidence. I believe in a serious trim down or a Nair removal kit, but now I can add waxing to that list.

Although it was painful, its sexually empowering to be completely bare. It can increase your confidence, you feel light, airy and ready for anything. From skinny dipping to oral sex. Having all the hair gone really makes in difference in the sensations so you can have a lot of fun with the fact that it’s all gone. If getting waxed gave me nothing else, it gave me confidence, because the experience itself is scary, it hurts, it’s weird but its adventurous! My sister has tattoos all over her body and thinks I’m brave for getting waxed. I say that to say, it really becomes a time for you to get to know yourself and step outside your comfort zone.

In terms of my personal happiness with this, on a scale of 1-10. I give it a solid 13. I went to a really dope spot in the Murray hill section of the city and the service was amazing. The results were/are impeccable. I am literally as smooth as a baby’s bottom or as smooth as I was when I was a baby. I mean I’ve been a pretty severe perv, touching myself every chance I get just to feel how smooth it is. Wearing my sexiest underpants just to see how it looks all gone. Now in terms of my willingness to do this again, not quite sure yet. as the days go by, I forget just how much it hurts, so I consider it more and more.

So whether you intend to have a Yolo moment or just want to start doing this as apart of your monthly routine, I think you’ll find it will add a lot more spice to your life, in more ways than one. I can’t imagine it ever gets old.

NaiOnLife……………………………………………………Happy Summer 🙂


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