“Sacred Sex”

After getting older and doing some soul-searching I’ve resurfaced with some new ideas and perspectives on the world.  I have come up with a multitude of questions, answers, and thoughts about things within the realm of relationships, work and of course sex. Reading some new literature has really opened and developed my mind to be more logical and most importantly more spiritual. I have always been a spiritual person but after focusing more on that, it’s like my third eye has cracked open and allowed me to further develop and articulate my pre-conceived notions about the world in reference to relationships, sex and everything in between.

I have always been aware of the fact that spirituality is the pulse of all life, however, like many people I was never able to comfortably marry sex and spirituality as one concept. I had always believed sex was spiritual, that sex was sacred but I wasn’t sure how both concepts could co-exist when society makes them out to be separate and not at all equal.

Sex is an outward expression of  your inward emotions. It is a way to express the spiritual, mental and/or emotional connection you have for your partner. Sex however can be embedded in either two things, lust or love. Lust being just of pure physical attraction and love in emotional connection. Now we all know both lust-full and love-less sex happens all the time but the problem lies in the superficiality of it. That type of sex despite how physically stimulating it may be leaves us emotionally unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

I myself have never really been one for casual sexual encounters, not that I’m opposed to them, I listen to them happily with popcorn, ready to high-five you on a new move you used but I am very picky about who I let into my “temple”. You see, some people come in and they “HGTV it,” making it feel or look more beautiful, some come in to simply leave a mess, and some come to just say that they’ve been there; But whether you realize it or not, EVERYONE leaves something with you. Whether a lesson learned, a painful scar or great pleasure but very few go in and leave love.

That is where the idea of sacred sex comes from, When a person enters you….only to leave love. I know it sounds corny and yes it sounds gender specific but it goes for EVERYONE. To break it down further, Sacred in its truest form means of the divine or of God, and we all know that the definition of God is love. So to sum it up,  sacred sex is the demonstration of one’s inward emotions into a series of physical acts in the presence of and with the blessing of God.

Sacred sex can happen with anyone who truly cares about taking care of you emotionally and physically. Someone who expresses that their purest intention is to give you an experience of God through sex.

In so many words, I’d describe it as the type of sex you make God apart of….. and no, not saying “Oh my God ” on the peak of orgasm. It’s that moment when you kiss someone so deeply, you taste their soul on your lips or when you stare into someone’s eyes so long, you can see who they were even in their past lives. It is an experience that calls for you to truly trust this person, to be completely vulnerable with them, to allow them to love you the way you deserve.

Now, If you doubt you have had an experience like this, its okay. Maybe you’re not at that point in your relationship yet, or maybe you don’t have someone you care deeply enough for, that’s fine. Being able to have an experience like this depends on you just as much as it depends on your partner. It is your responsibility to make sure your heart and mind are open.

All you need to have sacred sex are two people or more (If that’s what you’re into) who are present in the moment, free of inhibitions, with no other aspiration in life at that moment to demonstrate how they really feel about you from a true place.

NAIONLIFE…… TheLove&SexIssue


2 thoughts on ““Sacred Sex”

  1. My soul leaves me and goes into her own… and hers does the same to mine… It is unlike anything that is anything.. This experience of being this connected allows us to share a physical, emotional, spiritual connection beyond anything I can say here in just a few words but know you are not far from it… go beyond it… It is truth inside of truth when it is obtained…

  2. this one is deep to reflect on. you have put sex in perspective i havn’t look at. This is article puts sex in a wholesome experience that can enhance the experience.

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