My Name is Naiylah ….and I’m a Spirit Junkie

My Name is Naiylah ….and I’m a Spirit Junkie.


Dear NaiOnLife readers,

All  7 of you. Thank you for joining my first post on my new and improved web page. However, I must first explain my recent absence from the blogging world. Thanks to my fairy God mother Oprah and the spiritual thinkers of the world, I got exposed to a whole new world of perspectives, that provided me with new language in which I am now able to more appropriately articulate my thoughts, morals and beliefs.

During my absence I was on somewhat of a spiritual journey. Watching “Oprah’s Life Class”, and my “Super Soul Sunday”, reading books by Marianne Williamson, and of course meditating. I had to stop writing for a while because I just didn’t feel it. It started feeling forced, I started feeling like I HAD to write which is not at all how I like to do things. I had to learn more about me, about love, about life and about what sexuality means before I truly had something of value to say to you guys.

I always say, an aspiring therapist’ internship is self-help, and that is what I did. I helped myself to the wisdom of people who were more connected to the world than I could have ever hoped I could be. How would I ever be able to help you guys, my readers and my clients without proper digging into my own morals and beliefs? I had to figure out, if my name is NaiOnLife, what do I know about life? So I started thinking about my perspectives on love, sex, spirituality, everything.

While learning and having all these ‘Aha moments’, my soul popped open. I imagine it’s like being pregnant, you know the baby is in there but it’s sleeping and suddenly he/she kicks you, and you know it’s real. It was like that. Listening to these people talk about God, heaven, the power our thoughts have, the many manifestations of pain, resonated with me in ways I can’t articulate.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn, the more I realize I need to learn. As I continue on this journey, It’s like everything outside of feeding my very hungry soul is completely irrelevant. I am a certified spirit junkie, a term coined by the amazing Gabrielle Bernstein. I crave nothing more than intervals of deep mediation, true silence of mind, and this very specific feeling after God has graced you with his presence, only to reassure you, he was always  there. That is my high. Experiencing that presence is one that I long for each day. It is now so bad that I don’t even feel like I’m living if I don’t experience that connection every day, it gets that real.


If ever you want to find YOUR own road to experience this,I want to first begin to think of life in two different spaces; The physical space and the spiritual space. The physical space is where WE as humans live and the spiritual space is where our soul lives.  The physical space, is where our thoughts, feelings, dreams, and acts are carried out. The Spiritual space is where they carry over. The things we experience flow through these spaces freely and constantly. For example, you may have given your only dollar to a homeless woman/man, and later whether it had been that day or 3 months later, someone volunteered to pay for your food, just because. You didn’t see it but your good was planted and once it grew it carried over to help you in the physical world. Say you have dreamt of moving to Paris your entire life, you finally visit and it feels like home, you didn’t see it but that was a seed planted by *points up* in the spiritual space, that carried over into your physical life. Now whether you actually get there,  is a product of your own free will.

What I am trying to get you to do is to start thinking about what you are doing in this physical space that is growing in the spiritual space. Both good and bad things can be grown, trust me I know, I have a whole garden of terrible coming my way, but let us begin again and stay positive.

If you are at all interested or already on your own spiritual journey this post was for you, to know that you are one of many people. Having a spiritual part of life whether you believe in God or “The Universe” or what have you. It is important that you are believing in things that encourages your values, inspire you to better, and reassure you that you have a true purpose in life.

I predict that spirituality is the key to  happiness and satisfaction with life. It’s the wave that we all need to jump on because life is too crazy, to have no peace, the world is too vain to not have joy and we are too smart to try to do this without God.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoy all the future post to come!

As Deepak says after meditation, Namaste

Signed, the spirit junkie,



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