“SoulPancake, Kid President, & A Pep Talk”

So if you guys were not formally aware of this video, please stay tuned for this little guy, known as Kid President. He is an absolutely adorable kid, who is giving us all a well deserved pep talk. I was at work when my white chocolate soul-mate came to me and said, “Hey Black Vanilla, you look like you need a pep talk from Kid President”, ( we don’t really call each other this but we’re going to start tomorrow) I had no idea what she was talking about but after I watched it, my day was literally made. If you follow me on twitter or you’re my Facebook friend, you know I’ve posted this before, however, I feel compelled to do it again.

A site I have come to love, SoulPancake.com, is the breeding ground of spiritual exploration and all for people having fun with life. It’s described as a team of people who create and facilitate so many amazing little projects that get people feeling good and making connections. I love them and I hope after this video you will too ! 

So I ask you guys….what will you do to make this world awesome? Leave your answer below. 



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