Nai On Love: A Free Write (Part 1)


So after one night of thinking about my views and perspectives this, was my result. A free write on love. There is no real structure, point or purpose, I just needed to write, So without further or do here is, “What Do I know About Love?”

What do I know about Love?

All I think I know about love is that it is not as complex as we all think it is. It is a special gift that God gives us for a specific amount of time with a specific person because he wants to us to see the beauty of another human being as well as get a true experience of him because well…God is love. Love in this humanly world can be summed up into this equation God’s Plan + Chemistry + Consistency. Without any of the three, love just can’t be.

 God creates this amazing connection and chemistry between two people for his own agenda and our ultimate benefit. Whether that person ended up breaking your heart, you breaking theirs or you guys end up together forever, the point is that you were able to experience God and learn or achieve whatever you were supposed to during or because of that situation. Every experience of love we have is one that teaches us, pushes us forward or molds us into more of ourselves. That is why love is the essence of all life well that’s what I believe it is.

 It is how you discover who you are, what you need and most importantly what you can give. It is in those times when you become who you really are. I remember when I first fell in love with my previous lover. My initial feeling wasn’t , “Wow this person is so great”, it was that “wow, someone see’s so many beautiful things within me”. It gave me insight into what I was actually able to offer to someone else and all the things that made me special.

It’s more than a grand gesture for someone to choose to see only the good in you but when seeing the good in you no longer conveniences them or when the good in you  is no longer an admirable trait but an expectation of behavior, that is where  the disparity begins. Now this person is challenging you to be the BEST you, all the time, and unfortunately many people can’t handle the pressure, of being the truest form of themselves. In the event you don’t become that, sometimes you can leave the person who asked this of you, heartbroken.

The crazy thing about love is, after your heart is broken, all you want to do is to feel love again, which is why people usually run to religion to fill that void. It’s funny really that in any crisis, including matters of the heart, we flee to the source of all love.

Sometimes I wonder if the love you have for someone will  ever go away? I mean they say Love never dies so I wonder, Is love recycled?  Once it’s cleaned up and ridden of all bitterness and anger… do you happily transfer that love to someone else?

It is hard for us to articulate what exactly love is because for everyone it means similar but different things. I am well aware of the fact that my expectations of romantic love may be naïve but I know the potential the love two pure souls can create. That is a truth I can’t deny. I hope for the world’s sake that we all just bring more love into our worlds, and let it lead our relationships.

So tell me, What do you know about love? 

Leave your comments below ! 

— NaiOnLife 


One thought on “Nai On Love: A Free Write (Part 1)

  1. love is attraction to something that gives one satifaction and happiness to ones life. Of course there are different types of love, it the differentn type of love that creates the bond one creates over ones life time. it the reason one keeps going forward in life to accomplish ones goals. i have reflected on this topic in regarding the type of love i give and want recieve from others. i come to understand love the experiences the of lifetime when to that;words would haven’t done any justice. the concepts of love have me laughing at times;especially when reflecting on the outragousness that can happen. it just interesting on the various possibilites what can happen.

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