NaiOnLife Presents…” Summer Reads” !

summer read

So despite my apparent hiatus, I have not at all forgotten about my baby blog! This summer is launching a fun and exciting weekly post on the relationship and sex woes of the women and men I know.   A compilation of stories that will help you discern Mr. and Ms. Summer fling from Mr. and Ms. the real thing.  Stories like mine that will help you decide whether your ex is best, or if you should just move to the next.   Let’s face it in the summer time we tend to make more poor decisions! From wearing shorts that cut off the circulation to our pelvis, dating guys/girls with no goals, aspirations or deodorant, even spending  more money than we actually have in our accounts. When summer arrives, it delivers this feeling and notion of freedom we just cannot resist, along with maddening humidity.                                                                                                                                                “Summer Reads” is a conversation, an ongoing conversation with several different people about their dating experience.  Think of it as a life coach in blog form to help you make your own conclusions about your love and sex situations. Learn from us, and our stories so that this summer of love can be exciting, not excruciating! We’re launching our first story on July 4th! “2 sides 2 a story”! Happy Reading & Happy Summer!   


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