“Summer Reads: Class In Session” by EMoss

I love sex. The variety. Intensities. It can be done anywhere anyhow you like it. There is something beautiful about a lover who knows how to entice you physically. One who knows how to kiss you or what intensity takes you toward your climax. Unless the person you decide to do it with can’t or won’t do what you like. Any woman will tell you when it comes to sex, some compromises can be made. If you have a lover whose stroke is impeccable, then you may be a little lenient if the oral skills are marginal Or if the stroke game is mediocre, the oral game has to be over the top!

Somehow, someway, I managed to fall in love with a man who’s stroke game AND tongue talent in the nether region were whack! Plain and simple. Now for the sake of sparing his ego, I couldn’t just come out and say “Baby your sex game sucks!”. Even in the politest way, those words have the ability to break a man’s spirit. However, not being able to connect with him on that level left me unfulfilled. After much thought and consulting with good friends, two options presented themselves.


I can either continue to keep quiet and remain unfulfilled or I could teach him exactly what I needed. Teach him is what I did. I went shopping at Fredericks of Hollywood and purchased a sexy teacher outfit. The kind that would instantly draw his attention. Then I went food shopping. After all, the way to any man’s heart is through his stomach. Needless to say, when he came home to find me in the teacher costume and his favorite meal ready, his attention was completely mine. His belly was full and his senses were intrigued by me prancing around in costume, it was nearing teaching time!

I let him know that class was in session and that any mistakes made were unacceptable. This would be the ultimate test of his overall sexual performance; foreplay, oral and stroke game. I don’t know what whether the outfit excited him or the authority I took in this aspect of our relationship, but he came through with an all-star performance. That man used his tongue, lips, fingers and penis to its fullest potential. Mission accomplished!


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