Hey Bloggies! My name is Naiylah Warren and I am NaiOnLife! My entire life is pretty much dedicated to sharing the wisdom God has blessed me with to others.  I am an aspiring relationship/sex therapist and life coach but I am on a lasting journey to become sort of  a “Life Connoisseur.”

Understanding the complexity of the world and attempting to make the lives of others easier is my goal.  My philosophy goes something like this, “We may not be each other’s keepers but we are each other’s teachers” and that means everything we do, or say is teaching someone else something!

This blog is for anyone who needs a fresh perspective or  an open window in a world full of closed doors. My goal is only to make you think for yourself, not to think like me.

NaiOnLife. Real Life. Real Facts. Real Wisdom.

For more info on… Me, check out my about me page ! http://about.me/naionlife



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